Helical Communication Technologies was formed to serve the increasing need for specialized antennas for use with ground-based and space-based communication with satellites placed in low earth orbit and deep space. Located on Florida’s Space Coast, HCT draws on seasoned talent in radio frequency and aerospace engineering which previously participated in NASA’s manned space missions. This allows HCT to hold capabilities in the following areas.

  • Phased and Beam Steered Array AntennasSpace 

  • based Deployable Quadrifilar Helical Antennas

  • Turnstile antenna for small and medium satellites

  • Ground station antenna design and fabrication

  • IoT and Wifi antenna product design and fabrication

  • Memory shape alloy deployment mechanisms within antenna structures

In 2017, HCT was awarded a U.S patent for the deployable Quadrifilar Helical Antenna which has been used to design numerous variations for domestic and international clients. In December of 2018, HCT achieved flight heritage on its Deployable QHA design and has added two additional missions to its heritage since that time. Through numerous iterations built and repeated use of memory shape alloys into antenna design, the engineering team at HCT has become one of the leaders in the use of nitinol wire and other memory shape alloys. Many of the designs HCT has utilized have been for QHA antennas but have included turnstile antennas, phased array systems and helical antennas. Helical Communication Technologies is uniquely capable in the frequency ranges of UHF and VHF but possesses the capacity to design and build higher frequency systems. Each antenna design has led to use of testing for all environmental factors such as vibration, thermal and vacuum chamber testing which HCT now offers as an add on service to any product. As well as high volume manufacturing production in ISO/ITAR facilities for any constellation programs.

Due to HCT’s lean processes, delivery of quality products at lower engineering costs is available to every customer.


To date, HCT has launched three QHA deployable antennas into Low Earth Orbit, but is not limited to space qualified turnstile antennas, phased array systems and helical antennas. In December of 2018 HCT achieved its first flight heritage on a Deployable QHA design launched out of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in India. Since that time HCT has launched aboard two more additional missions launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center aboard international small satellite missions.

The missions being based out of the United Kingdom, Israel and the Netherlands all have constellation possible futures. All three missions were held in a frequency range of 350MHz-3GHz in both a transmit and receive capability and have exceeded their mission requirements in the IoT and space-to-ground communications segment. HCT products have been repeatedly chosen aboard Low Earth Orbit missions due to the capability of placing a larger communications footprint on the earth.


The Quadrifilar Helical Antenna provides a much larger communications footprint upon earth than traditional yagi and monopole/dipole antennas. Making a QHA antenna ideal for IoT or beacon antenna applications.


Gregory O’Neill- Gregory O’Neill is the founder and Chairman of Helical Communication Technologies. Prior to joining HCT, Mr. O’Neill worked for such companies as DRS technologies, SkyCross and RCA as an RF electrical engineer. Mr. O’Neill earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Rolla and his master’s degree from the Midwest College of Engineering. In his spare time, Gregory enjoys connecting with friends on amateur radio and astronomy.

Salvatore Bologna- Salvatore Bologna is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Helical Communication Technologies. Mr. Bologna earned his bachelor’s degree from Long Island University and his graduate degree from New York Medical College. His experience covers over three decades of real estate development both commercial and residential, as well as 32 years in the medical field. In his off time, Sal enjoys scuba diving and motorcycle riding.


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