HCT is driven to provide the highest performing antennas of the smallest dimension at the lowest cost. Our expert research and development engineers with over 50 years of aggregated experience in the development of ground, aircraft and satellite-based antennas and have provided technical advice to domestic as well as international clients.

HCT Capabilities include design and building:

  • Quadrifilar Helical Antenna’s (QHA’s) for specific satellite receiving purposes

  • Associated Low Noise Amplifiers [LNA]

  • Appropriate Band Pass Filtering [BPF]

  • Software Defined Receivers [SDR]

  • Specific software to track Doppler shift

  • Appropriate Sound Card demodulators

  • Antenna to USB capabilities for computer integration

  • Feasibility studies for any current or future communication needs

  • Technical Consulting in fields involving Ground and Aircraft based antenna technologies

  • Specific Antenna construction for priority tasks

Current developments include antenna design for use in lightning detection, Cube Satellites and Amsat receivers as well as construction of a complete terrestrial based receiving station for Universities, Governmental Agencies or Countries utilizing Satellite Technology for research, communication and defense.

Past clients include Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies and elite research Universities.

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